1、 Industry applications:

The WZP-120 temperature sensing element is usually used in conjunction with display instruments, recording instruments, electronic computers, etc. Directly measure the surface temperature of liquids, vapors, gas media, and solids within the range of -200~500 ℃ in various production processes.

2、 Product features:

★ Spring type temperature sensing element with good seismic performance;

★ No need to compensate for wires, saving costs;

★ High measurement accuracy;

★ High mechanical strength and good pressure resistance;

★ Imported thin film resistor components with reliable and stable performance;

3、 Working principle:

The WZP-120 temperature sensing element measures temperature by utilizing the characteristic that the resistance of a substance changes with temperature changes. When the resistance changes, the working instrument will display the temperature value corresponding to the resistance value.

4、 Technical parameters:

The product complies with the standards IEC751, JB/T8622-1997, and JB/T8623-1997.

The WZP-120 temperature sensing element has an ambient temperature of 15-35 ℃, a relative humidity of no more than 80%, and a test voltage of 10-100VDC. The insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer sleeve is ≥ 100M ohms.

5、 Product selection:

The main models of WZP-120 temperature sensing element without fixed device thermistors include WZP-120, WZP-120G, WZP-121, WZP-121G, WZP-130, WZP-131, WZP-131G, WZC-120, WZC-120G, WZC-130, WZC-130G, WZC-121, WZC-121G, WZC-131, WZC-131G, WZP2-120, WZP2-120G, WZP2-121, WZP2-121G, WZP2-130, WZP2-130G, WZP2-130G, WZP2-130G, WZP2-130G P2-131, WZP2-131G, etc.