(1) The cabinet frame is a universal cabinet type, assembled with new type steel bolts, with high installation accuracy, easy assembly, high strength, and durability.

(2) By using grounded metal partitions, the switchgear is divided into busbar rooms, functional unit rooms, and cable rooms. Each functional unit room is also isolated from each other using grounded metal plates, which do not interfere with each other and can effectively prevent the expansion of faults.

(3) The drawer unit has a reliable mechanical interlocking device, which is controlled by the operating handle and has five obvious positions of connection, disconnection, testing, isolation, and extraction. When the drawer is pushed and pulled to the connection, disconnection, testing, and isolation positions, it automatically positions and locks. Only after the positioning is released can it enter the next position.

(4) Drawers with the same rating and structure have good interchangeability.

(5) There are multiple power supply circuits that can be flexibly combined, making it economical and practical. A cabinet can be equipped with 9 drawers for 1 unit or 18 drawers for 1/2 unit.

(6) The auxiliary contacts of the drawer unit have two specifications: 32 and 64 pairs (20 pairs for 1/2 drawer), which can meet the needs of automation and computer interface.

(7) The air gap and creepage distance of electrical components inside the cabinet are large, and the insulation strength of the switchgear is high.

(8) High tensile strength insulation components are selected inside the cabinet to enhance the strength of the fixed support of the cabinet body and busbar system, and improve dynamic stability performance.

(9) The horizontal busbar of GCS type cabinet is arranged in the busbar compartment behind the cabinet, and the rear of the cabinet is a sealed plate structure.

(10) The cabinet structure can consider cables entering the cabinet from the bottom and/or top of the cabinet.

(11) The configurable intelligent interface device can be directly hung on the fieldbus or connected to DCS Ethernet through an adapter for monitoring at the operator station. This not only improves the automation level of monitoring, but also saves a lot of control cables and reduces investment.

(12) The cabinet has a high level of protection, which can meet the user's requirements for a high level of protection.