Metal shielded cable

Metal shielded cables have strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, lightning strikes, and uniform electric fields, improving the quality of power supply. Especially suitable for places with precision electronic devices, such as computer centers, aerospace monitoring centers, intelligent buildings, etc.

RVVP shielded signal cable

RVVP shielded signal cables are suitable for use in machine tool manufacturing, complete equipment installation engineering, power plants, heating and air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, office automation equipment, and data processing systems as measurement, monitoring, and control cables.

Mining control shielded cable

Brief description: Mining flame-retardant control shielded cables are laid in fixed environments such as urban areas, cable trenches, pipelines, direct burial, and hanging, which can resist external interference and withstand large mechanical external forces.

ZR-KVVP/ZR-KVVRP shielded cable

ZRKVV22 copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed woven steel strip armored Zrkvv22 cable 450/750 4-37 0.75-10 is laid indoors, in fixed situations such as cable trenches, direct burial of pipelines, etc. that can withstand large mechanical external forces and have flame retardant requirements