Flat cables for lighting

Ribbon cables are suitable for vertical folding and horizontal centralized wiring of multifunctional lighting fixtures in large venues such as TV studios, theaters, and sports venues. They are easy and neat to lay out, and have good heat dissipation and bending properties.

YFFBG driving flat cable

Conductor: Pure 99.9999% Annealed oxygen free copper wire finely twisted into bundles Insulation: special nitrile polyvinyl chloride composite material

Crane flat cable

This product has characteristics such as cold resistance, softness, wear resistance, and oil resistance, and is suitable for connecting cables for mobile appliances with special requirements such as cold resistance and oil resistance for AC rated voltage of 0.6/1KV and below. Currently, this product has been widely used in industries such as metallurgy, power, shipbuilding, and automotive manufacturing.

Crane flat cable

The insulation core of the crane flat cable is color coded, providing convenience for laying and installation. Crane flat cables can be equipped with steel wire ropes or other load-bearing components on both sides of the cable core according to customer needs.

YGCFB/YGCVFB flat cable

YGCFB/YGCVFB flat flexible cables are suitable for hanging, towing, and installation in industries such as power, chemical, metallurgical, port, freight yard, mining, etc. for field lines, electrical instruments, electronic equipment, and automation devices.

TVVBPG flat cable

TVVBPG flat cable is suitable for elevators, cranes, and lifting machinery with rated AC voltage of 300/500V (or 450/750V) and below. It has the advantages of integrating power, control, communication, camera monitoring, and other characteristics.