Stainless steel pressure gauge

The Y-B series stainless steel pressure gauge adopts a direct contact connector and pressure sensing element material, and adopts icr18Ni9T Ocr18Ni12Mo2Ti、 sus316, The structure is fully sealed and has strong resistance to corrosion of the tested medium and environmental corrosion.

Diaphragm pressure gauge

Diaphragm pressure gauges can be used to measure the pressure of media with strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy solidification, and solid planktonic substances.

Precision pressure gauge

Precision pressure gauges are mainly used to verify ordinary industrial pressure gauges. Precision pressure gauges can also accurately measure the pressure of non corrosive, amorphous, and non solidified media such as copper alloys and alloy structural steel on the process site.

Resistance remote pressure gauge

The YTZ-150 resistance remote pressure gauge and the YTZ-150B stainless steel resistance remote pressure gauge are suitable for measuring the pressure of gases and liquids that do not corrode copper and copper alloys, or stainless steel alloys.

YE-100, 150 capsule pressure gauge

YE-100 and 150 capsule pressure gauges are suitable for measuring micro pressure and negative pressure that do not corrode copper alloys and do not pose an explosion risk. Gas is widely used in equipment such as boiler ventilation and gas pipelines, and diaphragm pressure gauges can be installed and indicated on site.

Vacuum pressure gauge

Z-60/100/150 vacuum pressure gauge Vacuum pressure gauges are suitable for measuring the pressure of liquids, gases, or vapors that are non explosive, non crystalline, non solidifying, and non corrosive to copper and copper alloys.

Oxygen pressure gauge

The YO-60/100/150 oxygen pressure gauge is mainly suitable for measuring the pressure of ammonia liquids, gases, or their mixtures in fertilizer production processes or refrigeration equipment;