Flexible intrinsic safety armored shielded high-temperature resistant cable

This cable is an intrinsic safety cable, also known as an intrinsic safety cable. It has low capacitance and low inductance, as well as shielding and anti-interference performance, thus its explosion-proof performance is better than that of general computer cables and control cables.

AFHBRP, ABHBRP high-temperature and fire-resistant cables

Suitable for model testing and power transmission in high-temperature, fire-resistant, and corrosion-resistant environments such as power generation and metallurgy. Especially suitable for the control and power transmission of system protection circuits in fire and security systems.

YGCF46R1 * 70 high-temperature resistant cable

This product is suitable for mobile or fixed installation of electrical instrument connecting wires or signal transmission with rated AC voltage of 450/750V and below. The cable has good thermal stability and can maintain good electrical performance and flexibility in high temperature, low temperature, and corrosive environments.

Refractory high-temperature wire YW

Suitable for various electrical devices requiring fire resistance in high-temperature environments such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, ovens, boilers, power plants, fire protection facilities, civil electric furnaces, natural gas, furnaces, etc.

GN500-3 high-temperature resistant cable

Fixed installation with flame combustion, free from harmful and toxic gases. This product is a wire and cable used in various electrical devices that require fire resistance in special environments such as metallurgy, thermal engineering, petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, kerosene, etc.

Special high-temperature resistant 800 degree cable

The cable is generally not less than 100 meters, and short lines of over 50 meters are allowed for delivery, with a quantity not exceeding 10% of the total delivery length; Measurement error ≤ 50. If there are special requirements, both the supply and demand parties can negotiate separately.