Electromagnetic flowmeter

The LDE series electromagnetic flowmeter is an induction type instrument that measures the volume flow rate of conductive media inside a tube based on Faraday's electromagnetic induction law.

Vortex Flowmeter

The LUGB series vortex flowmeter is mainly used for measuring the flow rate of industrial pipeline medium fluids, such as gases, liquids, vapors, and other media. Its characteristics are small pressure loss, large range of measurement, high accuracy, and almost unaffected by parameters such as fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc.

Double rotor flowmeter

The LXZ series dual rotor flowmeter (hereinafter referred to as the flowmeter) is currently the ideal generation of volumetric flow meters in China. It is a new type of volumetric flow meter designed and assembled with precision machining.

Lumbar wheel flowmeter

The LL series waist wheel flowmeter is a volumetric flow measurement instrument, with a measuring section made of stainless steel material and strong anti-corrosion performance.

Metal tube rotary flowmeter

The LZ series metal tube rotary flowmeter is a variable area flow instrument based on float position measurement. Adopting an all metal structure and Modular concept design, due to its small volume, low pressure loss, large range ratio (10:1), and convenient installation and maintenance, it is widely used in various industries for complex and harsh environments, flow measurement and process control under low flow rate, low flow rate, and various harsh media conditions.

Orifice plate flowmeter

The LGK series orifice plate flowmeter is a high range differential pressure flow device composed of a standard orifice plate and a multi parameter differential pressure transmitter (or differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, and pressure transmitter).