Magnetic flap level gauge

When the liquid level in the tested container rises and falls, the float in the main tube of the magnetic flap level gauge also rises and falls. The long-term magnetic steel inside the float is transmitted to the on-site indicator through magnetic coupling, driving the red and white flipping columns to flip 180 °.

Magnetic flip column level gauge

Magnetic flip column level gauge is another type of side mounted, top mounted (bottom mounted) product developed for centralized control. It has the advantages of clear on-site indication and remote control.

UFZ float level gauge

UFZ float level gauges are available in both simple and windproof types. By utilizing the principle of buoyancy and force balance, a large float that matches the specific gravity of the measured medium is placed in the container to float on the liquid level of the medium.

Glass plate level gauge

The glass plate level gauge can be used to directly indicate the liquid level height in sealed containers, with advantages such as simple structure, intuitive reliability, and durability. However, the medium in the container must be non corrosive to steel, steel paper, and graphite pressure rings.

Reed level gauge

The UQZ floating ball reed level gauge switch consists of three parts: a magnetic levitation ball, a sensor, and a switch. When the magnetic levitation ball floats up and down along the guide tube as the liquid level changes, the magnetic steel inside the levitation ball attracts the reed tube at the corresponding position in the sensor, causing a change in the total resistance (or voltage) of the sensor.

Small tube level gauge

Small glass tube level gauge, also known as transparent small tube level gauge, has no scale display. Transparent glass tubes can be used to check the liquid level and can be installed with single and double threaded ends.

Color quartz tube liquid level gauge

The UGS color quartz tube level gauge (hereinafter referred to as the color level gauge) is developed using domestic and foreign technology. It utilizes the principle of natural light refraction and reflection in liquids, and with the help of red and green sheets, the liquid phase is displayed in green and the gas phase is displayed in red during measurement.

Ultrasonic level gauge

Ultrasonic level gauge is a digital level instrument that processes signals with a high-performance microprocessor. In measurement, ultrasonic pulses are emitted by sensors (transducers), and sound waves are reflected off the surface of an object and received by the same sensor.

Capacitive level gauge

Capacitive level gauges are suitable for continuous detection of various liquids under harsh conditions such as high temperature and pressure, strong corrosion, easy crystallization, and blockage.