YJVP22 power cable

The description of fire-resistant wires and cables refers to cables that can maintain normal operation under specified test conditions and burn in flames for a certain period of time.

FVF-32 Power Cable

In addition to the above standards, flame retardant cables are classified into three different flame retardant categories: A, B, and C according to the GB/T18380.3-2001 standard. The flame retardant performance of Class A is excellent, and users can choose according to their needs.

ZCYJV22 Armored Power Cable

1. The long-term allowable working temperature of cable conductors shall not exceed 70 ℃; 2. During a short circuit (* * * lasting for no more than 5 seconds), the high temperature of the cable conductor shall not exceed 160 ℃; 3. The ambient temperature during cable laying should not be lower than 0 ℃.

PTFE Teflon wire (250 ° C)

It has excellent corrosion resistance and is almost insoluble in any organic solvent. It can resist oil, strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidants, etc; Has excellent electrical insulation performance, high voltage resistance, low high-frequency loss, no moisture absorption, and high insulation resistance; It has excellent flame resistance, aging resistance, and long service life.

BTTZ mineral insulated fireproof cable

BTTZ is a cable that uses minerals (magnesium oxide) as insulation material. Usually composed of copper conductors, mineral insulation, and copper sheaths, without organic materials. It has the characteristics of being non flammable, smokeless, non-toxic, and fire-resistant.

PUR wear-resistant drag chain cable

PUR wear-resistant drag chain cables have high wear resistance, flexibility, bending resistance, bending resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, UV resistance, and flame retardancy, with a bending life of over 8 million times.

Stacker reclaimer reel cable

The cable reel of the stacker reclaimer is suitable for installation in dry or humid indoor environments, free and continuous reciprocating motion without strong stress relief or forced guidance, especially in frequent bending situations in industrial environments.

Super Category 6 4-pair shielded twisted pair cable

High transmission rate: Super Category 6 four pair twisted pair cables support data transmission rates of up to 10Gbps, making them an excellent transmission medium.

Super Category 6 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable

Category 6A U/UTP is a high-performance network cable used for transmitting data in local area networks. It is an upgrade of the traditional Cat6 network cable, supporting higher data transfer rates and larger transmission distances, and is currently one of the widely used network cables.

Category 6, 4-pair shielded twisted pair cable

Category 6 4-pair shielded twisted pair cable is a type of twisted pair cable with high resistance to electromagnetic interference, designed specifically to meet the requirements of gigabit transmission performance.

Category 6, 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable

Category 6 unshielded twisted pair cable is a type of twisted pair cable consisting of four pairs of conductors (usually copper conductors) and an insulation layer. Its wire diameter (including internal cross core) is 0.57mm (wire gauge is 23AWG), insulation wire diameter is 1.02mm, and UTP cable diameter is 6.53mm. It is widely used in network cabling, especially in server rooms, as it supports Gigabit Ethernet.

Super Category 5 4-pair shielded twisted pair cable

Standard: Compliant with ISO/IEC 11801 TIA-568-C.2、GB/T 18015.5, The performance indicators are better than the current 100MHz standard for Class 5e cables; Standard installation length: 305m ± 1.5m;

Category 5, 4-pair unshielded twisted pair cable

Super five types of unshielded twisted pair cables are suitable for unshielded horizontal wiring applications. In testing at a frequency of 100 MHz, the cables fully comply with the performance standards for horizontal wiring established by ANSI/EIA-568-A and ANSI/EIA-568-B, and their performance in terms of near-end crosstalk, attenuation value, return loss, and impedance is strengthened and further guaranteed.