Intelligent multi-point inspection instrument

The intelligent inspection instrument is suitable for detecting and alarming process quantities from 5 to 80 points. Can input sensor and transmitter signals such as thermal resistance, thermocouple, DC current, DC voltage, etc.

Intelligent light column display adjuster

1. Signal input, user can choose freely. (Thermocouple, thermistor, voltage, current, linear resistance, frequency). 2. The measured and set values can be displayed on analog bars or digital screens, and the display content can be freely switched. 3. The measured value can be added or subtracted from the set value.

Intelligent PID regulator

1. Various analog inputs or frequency inputs. 2. Triple display of process quantity, given value, and control quantity. 3. PID regulator positive and negative action selection. Manual automatic bidirectional undisturbed switching.

Intelligent electric contact liquid level display controller

The intelligent electric contact liquid level display controller receives liquid level switch signals and can set the liquid level value of each level switch separately. It indicates the current liquid level in LED digital form and can communicate with the computer.

YJLHV60 aluminum alloy cable

This product is suitable for construction projects such as real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, and is also used in various fields such as highways, municipal engineering, and new energy.

ACWU90 aluminum alloy cable

Acwu90 is a highly flexible self-locking aluminum armored, PVC outer sheath, 90 degree cross-linked polyethylene waterproof insulation single core or multi-core flame-retardant B-class cable.

ZB-YJLHVS2 aluminum alloy cable

Cost performance: When it is 1-2 specifications larger than copper cable, it has the same conductivity as copper cable, which can significantly reduce procurement and installation costs, and has a longer service life.

Multi core branching 8000 series alloy cable

The FLH series multi-core branch alloy cables are widely used in lighting systems for airports, subways, highways, streetlights, cable trays, tunnels, and small capacity residential buildings.

Twisted prefabricated branch 8000 series alloy cable

FLH series twisted branch alloy cables can be widely used in the distribution systems of residential communities, office buildings, office buildings, hotels, large shopping malls, hospitals, and other medium and high-rise buildings, as well as in large capacity distribution workshops.

New 8000 series high conductivity alloy cable

The creep resistance of pure aluminum is poor. In long-term use, due to cold and hot cycles, gaps will be created at cable joints, causing an increase in contact resistance between conductors and making contact points prone to heating, making long-term use unsafe.