Dual metal thermometer with thermocouple/thermal resistance

The bimetallic thermometer with thermocouple/thermal resistance adopts a combination of bimetallic thermometer and thermocouple/thermal resistance, which not only meets the needs of on-site temperature measurement but also long-distance transmission.

Explosion proof bimetallic thermometer

Explosion proof bimetallic thermometers can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam, gas media, and solid surfaces in the range of -80 to+500 ℃ during the various processes of carbides and other explosives present in the production site.

Hot sleeve bimetallic thermometer

Hot sleeve bimetallic thermometer is a field detection instrument suitable for measuring medium and low temperatures, which can be used to directly measure the temperature of gases, liquids, and vapors.

Shock resistant bimetallic thermometer

The WSSN series seismic resistant bimetallic thermometer is a field detection instrument for measuring medium and low temperatures. It can directly measure the temperature of liquids, vapors, and gas media within the range of -80 ℃ to+500 ℃ in various production processes, as well as harsh and vibrating environments.

Stainless steel electric contact bimetallic thermometer

The stainless steel electric contact bimetallic thermometer dial is made of stainless steel material and is mainly used in production sites with corrosive environments or media containing food grade substances, where automatic temperature control and alarm control output are required.

Temperature transmitter

Functional characteristics of temperature transmitter Linearized output 4-20mA standard current signal Adopting epoxy resin casting process, shockproof and moisture-proof

Integrated temperature transmitter

The SBW series integrated temperature transmitter is a combination of temperature sensors and transmitters, which converts temperature signals within the range of -200~+1600 ℃ into two wire 4-20mA DC electrical signals in a very simple way and transmits them to displays, regulators, recorders, DCS, etc.

On site temperature display instrument

The on-site temperature display instrument adopts imported chips for assembly with high precision and stability, with an error of ≤ 0.5%. The internal power supply, micro power consumption, and stainless steel shell provide strong protection and exquisite appearance.

Digital integrated temperature transmission controller

Digital integrated temperature transmission controller, also known as temperature switch or temperature controller, is a product that integrates temperature measurement display, analog quantity transmission output, and alarm output.

SBW series wall mounted temperature transmitter

The SBW series wall mounted temperature transmitter mainly consists of two units: a temperature sensor and a temperature transmitter. According to installation requirements, wall mounted integrated temperature transmitters and wall mounted split type temperature transmitters can be produced; The wall mounted integrated temperature transmitter is mainly used to measure indoor and outdoor environmental temperature and display and output signals on site.

Rail type temperature transmitter

A rail type temperature transmitter is a device that converts input single or dual thermal resistance and thermocouple signals into output isolated single or dual linear current or voltage signals, and improves the electrical isolation performance between input, output, and power supply.

Temperature transmitter module

The SBW series temperature transmitter module is a 24V powered, two wire integrated transmitter. The product adopts imported integrated circuits, which amplify the signals of thermal resistors or thermocouples and convert them into output currents of 4-20mA or 0-10mA, or output voltages of 0-5V.

Stainless steel pressure gauge

The Y-B series stainless steel pressure gauge adopts a direct contact connector and pressure sensing element material, and adopts icr18Ni9T Ocr18Ni12Mo2Ti、 sus316, The structure is fully sealed and has strong resistance to corrosion of the tested medium and environmental corrosion.

Diaphragm pressure gauge

Diaphragm pressure gauges can be used to measure the pressure of media with strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy solidification, and solid planktonic substances.

Precision pressure gauge

Precision pressure gauges are mainly used to verify ordinary industrial pressure gauges. Precision pressure gauges can also accurately measure the pressure of non corrosive, amorphous, and non solidified media such as copper alloys and alloy structural steel on the process site.